My Recurve Coaching

Coaching International teams

I have coached international teams from Sri Lanka to Bhutan as well as British International teams.

Coaching individuals

I have coached many individuals to international podium results.

Olympic, Paralympic & juniors

I have worked with a wide range of athletes, from beginners that have never touched a bow to Athletes preparing for a Games performance.

I’ve studied under Korean coaches

I’ve had training from World leading experts like Kim Hyung Tak and spent many years working with Peter Suk. This has given me great insight into how the Korean archery “power house” works.

British coaches

I have been both the student of Richard Priestman and had the pleasure of working beside him for many years. Richard is a well respected international coach having coached international teams from 14 different countries.

And American coaches

I was a student of Lloyd Brown’s for the London cycle and worked alongside him for the Rio cycle. Lloyd’s athletes have won numerous world medals and 2 Olympic gold medals.