My Paralympic Coaching Results

The complete podium......

At the Rio Games, I’m very proud to say my athletes made a clean sweep of the podium.

W1 Men’s Gold

John Walker won gold after only starting archery because of being inspired by the London Games.

W1 Mixed Team Gold

Gold in the W1 Mixed Team after 3 years dominating the event.

Compound Mixed Team Silver

Another great result with one experienced athlete and one Games first timer.

To the Games in just 26 months.....

On my programme and with hard work and immense dedication Tania got to the Games in just 26 months from begining the sport.

Building for the future from a great past

As Head Coach, my athletes won over 65 medals all in Paralympic disciplines at international events, over 5 years. But this has never stopped me looking for the next Medalist.......